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ICA.    International Communication Association.  Academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching, and application of human and mediated communication.


IMAG.   MPA’s organization for small and independent magazine publishers.  Not much info for non-members.   

IRMA. International Regional Magazine Association.  Alternative association of regional magazines. Web site is a little light on useful info.  


ISBM.  The Institute for the Study of Business Markets.  Associated with the Smeal College of Business Administration at Penn State. Claims to be the largest network of business-to-business marketing professionals, educators, and researchers of its kind in the world.  Web site provides access to research and working papers of interest to business-to-business marketers.

Marketing Research Association.  Trade association for researchers of all stripes.  Mission is "to improve their opinion and marketing research businesses and personal performance."

.  Magazine Publishers of America.  The industry association for consumer magazines.  Excellent resources, worth checking often..The industry association for consumer magazines.Excellent resources, worth checking often.  

NAA.  Newspaper Association of America.  Organization of newspaper publishers.  If you think trends in the newspaper business might foreshadow the future of magazine publishing, check here often. Site features a huge resource library.


NAPR.  National Association of Publishers’ Representatives.  An association of companies that sell advertising for publishers.  If you want a rep firm, here’s where to start.

National Trade Circulation Foundation.  (NTCFI.)  Organization dedicated to improving the practice of B-to-B circulation management, a task "complex and rarely understood." Well, amen to that!

. Newsletter & Electronic Publishers.  See SIPA.

PBAA.  Periodical and Book Association of America.  Trade association for organizations involved in newsstand sales at every point of the supply chain, including publishers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, consultants, and service providers.  Site is a good source of info on current issues and trends.

PSP.  Professional/Scholarly Publishing.  Members publish scholarly materials in several fields (including science, medicine, technology, business, law, and the humanities) and in a variety of formats, including books, journals, computer software, databases, and CD-ROMs.  A division of the AAP.

.  Specialized Information Publishers Association.  International trade association for newsletter publishers and other specialized information services: directories, online publications, looseleafs, database services, and conferences.  Formerly NEPA.


SNAP. Society of National Association Publications.  Professional society serving association publishers and communications professionals.


SWOP. Specifications Web Offset.  Consortium of organizations with interest in printing standards, such as agencies, printers, publishers, ink and paper companies, and technology vendors.    

Verified Audit Circulation   Audits distribution of free publications including shoppers, real estate guides, and yellow pages.  Interesting information on non-mainstream circulation techniques.  

WFMA. Western Fulfillment Management Association.  For circulators in western U.S.  Information on Web site is members-only.

Women in Periodical Publishing.  
(WIPP.)   Organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and supporting women in publishing.

 Western Publications Association.  Outstanding organization for publishers and suppliers in western U.S.  Known for excellent annual conference and Maggie awards.  Good info on site, with additional resources for members.

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