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n the months ahead we'll continue to post sections of A Publisher's History of American Magazines, a comprehensive overview of the business of magazine publishing as it evolved in this country. 

This is a manuscript still very much in development, and parts may change from time to time.  Later chapters may be started before earlier chapters are complete.  That's to hold your interest while ours wanders.

Our homegrown method of citation is kludgy and cockeyed.  We ask your indulgence.

Questions and concerns can be addressed to the
author.  We welcome all inquiries and comments... corrections most of all.

A Publisher's History of American Magazines

Chapter One:  Background and Beginnings

Part One:  Evolutions: language and writing.

Part Two:  Gutenberg.

Part Three:  Early journalism.

Part Four:  The press in America.

Part Five:  Early American newspapers.

A Table  of Colonial American Newspapers

Chapter Two:  Eighteenth-Century American Magazines

Part One:  Bradford, Franklin, and America's early Colonial magazines.

Part Two:  Later Colonial magazines.

Part Three:  Post-Revolutionary magazines.

Part Four:  Profit and other motives

A Table  of 18th-century American magazines. 

Chapter Three:  Magazine Growth in the Nineteenth Century

Part One:  Population and literacy.

Part Two:  The expansion of printing.

Part Three:  Distribution.

Part Four:  The emergence of advertising in American magazines.

References  for Chapter Three

Chapter Four:  Magazines in the Early Nineteenth Century

Introduction to Chapter Four.

Part One:  Joseph Dennie and the Port Folio. 

Part Two:  Washington Irving and his wandering fancy.

Part Three:   A circle and a Dial

Part Four:  William Cullen Bryant and the gift book craze.

Part Five:  Edgar Allan Poe and the invention of the short story.


Chapter Five:  Major Publishers in the Magazine Market

Part One:  Introduction and Harper's New Monthly Magazine

Part Two:  Harper's Weekly

Part Three:  Harper's Bazaar

Part Four:  Harper's Young People and the fall of the House of Harper

Part Five:  Putnam's Monthly

References  for Chapter Five

Visitor's Guide to Harper's:  Tour a 19th-century publisher's business