The Magazinist
Critical Thinking for Publishers

espite the continued expansion of Web-based information sources, good old-fashioned magazines continue to produce great information for publishers.  What a relief. 


Advertising Age.  Ad Age is the journal of record for American marketers, and the magazine’s Web site offers broad and deep resources.  The DataCenter section alone can provide reams of profitable information.  The ability to find detailed data on individual advertisers is equally valuable.  Some research requires payment.


AdWeek.  The magazine’s Web site is a useful source of news about the advertising business—especially agencies.  Not much analysis. 


American Journalism Review  AJR examines trends, ethics, and the impact of technology on print, broadcast, and online journalism.  The magazine and its useful Web site are published by the University of Maryland.


BtoB Media Business.  Timely content on all aspects of business-to-business marketing, including circulation and production.  Web site has useful online suppliers directory.


BrandWeek.  News, analysis and data for branding professionals, with a focus on marketing strategies.


Capell’s Circulation Report.  Outstanding source of information on magazine circulation.  Turned 25 in 2007.  Quaintly, available in print only.


Chief Marketer.  Web site covers marketing issues, technology, and techniques.  Searchable by marketing disciplines and target industries.  Helpful section on magazines and other print media. 


CM. Circulation Management Magazine.  Web site is a useful source of information on news, trends, and developments in circulation management.  Announced name change to Audience Development effective late 2008.


Columbia Journalism Review.  One of journalism’s great resources.  CJR’s mission is “to encourage and stimulate excellence in journalism in the service of a free society.”   The outstanding Web site delivers real-time criticism and reporting.


Copyediting.  For editors, writers, and marketers.  Not much information on Web site.


Direct Magazine.   For direct marketing professionals.  A source of business intelligence about direct marketing, including case studies of successful strategies and original research. 


Editor and Publisher Magazine.  Dating back to 1884, E&P is the voice of the American newspaper business.  Web site is a great source of news, some relating to magazines.  Resources section especially interesting—worth checking from time to time.


Folio: Magazine.  Once the first place to turn for best practices in every aspect of magazine publishing, Folio: has shifted its focus in recent years to concentrate on M&A and company news.  Is it just us or has there been a significant improvement in the magazine lately? 


FPO Magazine.  For magazine art directors, though some content extends beyond the walls of the design department.  Launched in 2007.  


MediaWeek.  News about all media, including print and broadcast, with focus on advertising.  Web site includes a handful of useful resources.


MIN.  A wealth of media insight at one Web site.  Subsets of the flagship brand include MIN B2B, MIN Magazine, MIN Press, MIN Advertising Report, and MIN Digital Media Report.  Each provides targeted information in remarkable detail.


New Single Copy.  Published by newsstand consultant John Harrington, the New Single Copy weekly newsletter is the definitive source of information on magazine retailing.  On the Web site, current information is sparse, but the archives are rich and extremely useful.


NewsStandResource.   A 3x/year guide for the newsstand industry.  Gives publishers an opportunity to promote their magazines to retailers.  Produced with the 4x/year Pocket Guide.


Online Journalism Review.  A valuable and unique source of guidance for online journalists.  “How-To” sections are especially useful.  Produced by USC’s Annenberg School for Communication.


Publications Management..  A monthly newsletter for publishers of corporate or custom magazines and other media.


Publishing Executive Magazine..  Web site has especially useful resources for magazine production managers.  Amazing collection of production-related links.


Below is a list of academic journals on various subjects related to journalism and mass communications.  No claims made for comprehensiveness or accuracy.


American Communication Journal
Atlantic Journal of Communication
Communication Booknotes Quarterly
Communication Law and Policy
Communication Methods and Measures (launched 2007)
Communication Reports
Communication Yearbook
Discourse Processes
Electronic News
Environmental Communication Yearbook
Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture
International Journal of Listening
International Journal on Media Management
International Journal of Mobile Communications
International Journal of Public Opinion Research
International Journal of Strategic Communication
Journal of Advertising
Journal of Advertising Research
Journal of Applied Communication Research
Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
Journal of Communication
Journal of Communication Inquiry
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Family Communication
Journal of Film and Video
Journal of Health Communication
Journal of Marketing Education
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Journal of Media and Religion
Journal of Media Economics
Journal of Popular Culture
Journal of Popular Film and Television
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Journal of Public Relations Research
Journal of Radio and Audio Media
Journal of Radio and Audio Media, formerly Journal of Radio Studies
Journal of Technical Writing and Communication
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journalism & Communication Monographs
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
Journalism History
Language & Communication
Language in Society
Linguistics: an Interdisciplinary Journal of the Language Sciences
Marketing Science
Mass Comm Review (no Web site found)
Mass Communication and Society
Media Psychology
Media Report to Women
Media Studies Journal (discontinued)
Media, Culture & Society
Metaphor and Symbol
Mind, Culture, and Activity
Modern Language Review
News Media & the Law
News Photographer (NPPA)
Newspaper Research Journal
Nieman Reports
Political Communication

Popular Communication
Public Opinion Quarterly
Public Relations Quarterly (no Web site found)
Public Relations Review
Publishing Research Quarterly
Quarterly Review of Film and Video
The Quill (SPJ)
Research on Language and Social Interaction
Rhetoric Review
St. Louis Journalism Review
Southern Communication Journal
Storytelling, Self, Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Storytelling Studies
Studies in Language
Technical Communication
Technical Communication Quarterly
Telecommunications Policy
Television Quarterly
Trends in Communication
Velvet Light Trap
Visual Communication Quarterly
Western Journal of Communication
Women and Language
Women's Studies in Communication
Written Communication