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General Reference

Top 300 Magazines   
Source:  Ad Age (Excel)
Don't look back... they may be gaining!

Price's List of Lists

Compiled from various sources (HTML)
The top of the pyramid when it comes to pretty much everything. 

CIA World Factbook

Source: Central Intelligence Agency.  (WinZIP)

“They’ve given you a number…”  Yep.  Just about every known fact about every known country.

The Magazine Handbook

Source: MPA (.pdf)
This remains the best introduction to  magazines available--especially for marketers.

Advertising Expenditures

Source:  Compiled by the NAA (Excel)

Downloadable data on ad spending in a variety of media

Statistical Abstract of the United States (2008)

Source U.S. Census Department (Excel and .pdfs)
The venerable STATABUS has expanded this year, although it's hard to imagine where they found more data.  Publishers may be interested in the following sections:

-Table 1098:
 Media Usage and Consumer Spending: 2000 to 2010
-Information & Communications:  Publishing Industries

The Pocketpiece

Source:  MRI  (.pdf)
A quick-reference table of audience data on 230 consumer magazines.  Information is summarized from the "Survey of the American Consumer," MRI’s flagship study based on in-person interviews with 26,000 participants. A pretty amazing little compendium.

MRI Plus

Source:  MRI  (Online and downloadable)

One of the slickest tools available to publishers.  MRI Plus consolidates many of the databases used to measure and evaluate magazines. Includes robust search and access capability, plus a cost-planning module.  Useful for planning, audience research, competitive analyses, and a wide range of other purposes.  Requires no-cost registration.  Data can be downloaded and saved in a variety of formats.  

The Value of Magazine Advertising

Magazines, the Safest Bet in Advertising
Source: MPA (.pdf)
The benefits of magazine ads

Business-to-Business Media Study 
Source: ABM with Yankelovich (.pdf) 
Makes the case for advertising in B-to-B media. 

Corporate Decision Makers' View of Business Media
Source: ABM with Forrester (.pdf)
Executives' outlook on business media

The Value of Advertising During an Economic Downturn
Source:  ABM (.pdf)
This one-page summary sheet might come in handy when advertisers say they're cutting back.  See also...

Managing Your Brand in a Recession
Source: Millward Brown (.pdf)
Useful with the above... with the added cachet of independence.

The Art of Advertising

Measuring Media Effectiveness
Source: MPA (.pdf)

How Do I Maximize My Print Budget?
Source: Millward Brown (.pdf)
Useful for salespeople and helpful to advertisers.

Can Copy Testing Accurately Predict Advertising Effectiveness?
Source: Millward Brown (.pdf)
Informative summary on ad creation

What Makes an Ad Persuasive?
Source: Millward Brown (.pdf)
Well-written and valuable to advertisers

The Art of Research

Psychographic Sourcebook

Source:  MRI  (.pdf)

Seventy-three pages of survey questions and ways to segment audiences.  Not exactly light reading… but it would be hard to find better place to borrow from when designing your own reader research.  Don’t invent the wheel when you can hitch a ride. 

Online Advertising

A Framework for Thinking About Online Advertising
Source:  Dynamic Logic (Millward Brown) (.pdf) 

Profile of the Internet User. 
Source: Simmons.  (.pdf)
Research examining some demographic, behavioral and attitudinal differences between home users with low-speed and high-speed Internet access.

Magazines Drive Results Online 

Source: MPA (Downloadable .pdf)

Synergistic Effects of Cross-Platform Ads  
Source:  Dynamic Logic (Millward Brown) (.pdf)
An interesting case study with Forbes magazine that could apply anywhere.

Internet Site Metrics and Print Media Measurement – From Dissonance to Consonance

Source:  MRI (.pdf)

A serious look at measuring the combined effect of online and print advertising.  Not light reading, but very thought-provoking. 


Cross Media Optimization Study

Source:  IAB et al. (.pdf)

Presentation of 2003 research project jointly conducted by IAB, Dynamic Logic, Marketing Evolution, ARF, Forrester, and several other participants, including some large publishers.  Study examined usage trends in online media and how they affect optimal media mix for advertisers.

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