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The Value of Magazine Readership
Source: MPA (.pdf) 

How to Read a Magazine’s Publisher’s Statement
Source: ABC
It's remarkable how many advertisers (and salespeople!) have never been taught how to read a Publisher's Statement.  Here's the remedy.  See also:

Understanding ABC Reports for Business Publications (.pdf)
How to Use an ABC Consumer Magazine Publisher's Statement

-Reading the BPA Worldwide Business Circulation Statement (.pdf)

MRI’s Qualitative Measures

Source:  MRI  (.pdf)

What makes some magazine readers “more equal” than others?  In this paper MRI researchers identify 11 qualitative metrics...  and how these metrics are applied to an audience can be very instructive to publishers.

Audience Behavior

Intermedia Dimensions.
Source: Simmons and Media Dynamics.  (.pdf)
Engagement scores for magazines, TV shows, and Web sites.  Guess which medium scored highest?

Media Multiplexing in the United States. 
Source:  Simmons  (.pdf)
A good introduction to the subject of concurrent media exposure (CME) .  See our feature on the same topic,
Buying Time.
 , and below.


Source:  MRI  (Online video)
An interesting video presentation on MRI’s time-use study, MediaDay.  Another good starting point on the subject.

Audience Aggregation and Audience-Based Selling
Source:  Scarborough  (.pdf)
Slideshow presentation on the benefits of aggregating audience data.  Designed for the newspaper industry but applicable to magazine ad sales.

Book Industry Statistics
Source:  AAP (.pdf)
How people buy books is analogous to how they buy magazines.  Potentially useful to magazines with single copy sales. 


Dazed and Confused: The Characteristics and Behavior af Title-Confused Readers

Source:  MRI  (.pdf)

Imagine if nine percent of your readers attributed your content to your closest competitor.  If the name of your competitor's magazine is similar to yours, that may well be the case.  This is an intriguing study with serious implications--at least in some markets.


SWOP Downlaods
(and other resources). 
Source:  SWOP  (,pdfs)
One-stop, no-cost shopping for All Things Production.

Consumer Behavior


How America Shops and Spends
Source: NAA with MORI Research (.pdf)
Data on consumer retail spending

American Time Use Survey
Source:  U.S. Department of Labor (.pdfs) 
How do Americans use their time?  You can benefit from knowing.


What Are the Main Influences on Purchase Decisions?
Source: Millward Brown (.pdf)
Beneficial for advertisers

Consumer Expenditure Survey
Source:  U.S. Department of Labor (.pdfs and .txt)
Advertisers have a vested interest in knowing how consumers spend their money.  Show 'em here.

Media Consumption Pathways in an Evolving World

Source:  MRI  (.pdf) 

Serious research showing how different age cohorts use various media.  The findings reinforce conventional wisdom in some cases, contradict it in others, and demonstrate differences that are fundamental to connecting successfully with consumers in an expanding media landscape.


The Ritual Masters

Source:  BBDO Worldwide (Online summaries)

In 2007, ad agency BBDO conducted an international study examining rituals, the role they play in people’s lives, and how they affect consumer behavior.  This is purportedly the most extensive research project ever undertaken by the agency.  The link goes to two summaries on the AEF site.  They make interesting reading. 

Consumer Demographics

Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer
Source:  Scarborough  (.pdf)
Analysis profiling American high-tech consumers, including buying habits and media use.


The General Social Survey (GSS)

Source:  National Opinion Research Center (U of Chicago) (online and downloadable) 

The Big Daddy of American demographic research.  Conducted since 1972, the GSS tracks attributes and attitudes in hundreds of categories, all of which can be accessed, analyzed, and cross-tabulated by anyone.  Ten minutes to master… a lifetime to profit.  Start with the User’s Guide.

The Affluent Survey: 2008
Source: Ipsos Mendelsohn (.pdf)
The gold standard for insght into the lives of wealthy Americans.

The Affluent Survey Periodical Summary
Source: Ipsos Mendelsohn (.pdf)
The periodicals wealthy Americans read.  Separate document complements above.

Targeting Teens
Source: NAA (.pdf)
Consumer behavior research from the NAA


Multicultural Marketing Survey

Source:  ANA (.pdf)

Presentation of research conducted by the ANA on whether (and how) advertisers target multicultural segments

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